April 30, 2011

Dearest E.,

Do you remember how I told you about Bean-Dip being a Cub Scout?  Well, every year all the scouting groups in the state hold a big party called Scout-O-Rama.  Scouts of all ages and genders come for it.  Tiger Scouts, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Ventures, Explorers and others.  A few months in advance the scouts sell tickets as a fundraiser for their troops.  Bean-Dip signed up for scouts in Janurary and he must have missed the fundraiser or they did hold it because I had no idea it was today until Grandma called around noon.  Hurry up and get there she said, it is only five dollars for the entire family.
Bean-Dip's fast hands.

We decided to go and see if Bean-Dip could earn and elective points.  We were sure glad we did.  There was so many fun things to do.  Bean-Dip and Taco and I worked on the science belt loop while Burrito and Dad when to look for Grandpa.  We made some creepy ooze, paper bag puppets, secret decoder rings, and helped sand a canoe.  

We did a couple of obstical courses, walked through the history of scouting exhibit and saw how fast we could throw.  Bean-Dip threw 31 mph, Taco 19 mph, and Burrito 17 mph.  We sat in a teepee, went on an orienting scavenger hunt, drummed pacific islander drums, fished, and played board games.

Taco on the drums
 One of Taco's favorite activities was a seat belt exhibit. The boys got to draw a face on an egg.  The egg then got into a car on a "hill" without wearing its seat belt and crashed to see if it would survive.  Taco thought it was funny to draw me on the egg.  He giggled when the Mom-egg's "brains" spilled onto the box.  The event was supposed to end at 3pm but most of the booths stayed open until after 4pm.  The last thing we did was play a game.  

 They had ping pong balls a a big box with round holes and a big box in the middle.  The goal was to get it in the box in the middle, but the edges were slanted so the ball would bounce out.  If you got in through the small holes you won a pencil and the box was the grand prize a collector's coin.  If you missed both you won a candy.  You got four tries to win a prize. 
Burrito drumming away.
Bean-Dip went first and won a pencil. Taco went next and won two pencils. Burrito went last, the scouts running the booth enjoyed watching him throw it and it bounce out and Mom go chasing after the ball.  The bounced it out eight times.  The let him try all the balls and decided he needed on extra turn.  The guy in charge lifted him up and held he over the box so he could throw it straight into it.  He won the coin but I think he would have been happier keeping a darn ping pong ball. 

Over all Bean-Dip earned 2 belt loops (science and manners), 10 achievements that will count for 1 arrow point, most of the Fun for Family "Developing Personal Skills" pin, some of the Ability Awareness patch, and several requirements for his Orienteering belt loop.  He has been super busy.  Next Pack Meeting is on his birthday and he will be moving up to Bears.  I know he will be getting his wolf and I think 5 arrow points, the belt loops, and a couple of patches.  We hope to finish up his World Conservation patch by then too.

Burrito's Easter Miracle flower.
That reminds me.  Graduation was great.  The announcer whispered to me to make sure he had my name correct before I walked across the stage.  And I didn't trip or anything. After graduation Grandpa and Grandma took Dad and I out to eat at the infamous Purple Turtle, a hamburger and shake shop by my school.  I was glad I could finally say I had eaten there.  The food was pretty good, but I can't wait for Grandpa's bar-b-que chicken at my party tomorrow. Yum!

With Love,

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